Hastings Line app privacy statement

The Hastings Line app does not collect any of your personal data

By collect, we mean transmit off your device in a way that allows the app publisher or service provider National Rail to access it for a period longer than is necessary to service any transmitted request in real time

The app does not request or require any personal information such as your name or e-mail address

The app does not track you across different apps or websites

The Hastings Line app may request permission to access your device's location while using the app

You do not have to grant permission to access your device's location. If you do grant permission, the app can provide travel information based on your location including distances and travel times

You can enable or disable access to your location at any time by going to the Settings app, scrolling to Hastings Line and updating your location preferences

If you have any questions about how the Hastings Line App and the hastingsline.travel website may use your personal information, please contact Hastings Line Travel